Web-based UserInterface is more popular nowadays after created Hybrid application frameworks like (PhoneGap, Appcelerator) for Android&IOS. But I am hearing many companies turns back to native development environment (Xcode and Java) on them for better performance. On contrast some embedded UI frameworks like Wx, QT and GTK etc. gives better performance but needs more effort to develop a rich User Experince.
I am looking for a HW and OS independent, versatile and extensible UI framework. Easy to portable and prototyping.. I have asked a question about the best development framework (Native or HTML5) on embedded. Which one do you prefer if you would like to create your own UI framework by aiming some ARM, MIPS based Embedded Linux and Android platforms?

I searched internet about it and found some issues some experts comment on them. Decide yourself, here are some blogposts and whitepaper.

With Qt 5.x and QML2 there are great performance improvements over the previous GUI framework on Android and IOS devices.


I don’t think Necessitas is using 5.x yet, but Digia has recently released Android and IOS support in their latest git repo:


Appcelerator released a comparison on Mobile App Development which lists for Native or HTML5.


And another ones:






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