I am listing here some of my project portfolio and products here developed along the years.
They’re all awesome and were teaching a lot. Only listed some important ones to enhance diversity and scope of profession.

Team Leadership, Product Strategy, Product Management, Digital Product Development, Research & Development, Project Management,
Software Engineering, IoT, Cloud & Web Apps, User Experience (UX/UI), Mobile Apps,

Projects @ Sr. Product Manager at Elektrobit

Technology and Skills: Product Strategy, Product Management, Business Model Development, Customer Requirements, Financial Analysis, Agile/Scrum, AWS Cloud, MicroServices, Android, AAOS, CI/CT, DevOps, Polarion Test Manager, GIT, JIRA, Confluence, Office Programs

Smart Vehicle Solutions – Cockpit Products & Services

  • leading new display products and services for development team. Providing re-usable solutions as services and products which on Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS)
  • transformed non-profitable internal tools into customer solutions in OEM/TIER-1 vehicles (projects) and selling as into recurring revenue
  • run for multiple customers, requirements, led cross-functional development & marketing team

Projects @ Sr. Program Manager at Arçelik Global

Technology and Skills: Product Strategy, Product Management, Project Management, Agile/Scrum, Internet of Things (IoT), AWS Cloud, MicroServices, Android/IOS Mobile Apps, C, C++, PC programming Java.NET (C#) Development (Visual Studio), CI/CT, DevOps, GIT, JIRA, Confluence, Office Programs

Smart Home Products & Solutions 

  • led new products and services development and product introduction for home safety and energy solutions. Managed end-to-end product, mobile apps and cloud services for home thermostats, IPCamera, Gateway and sensors. Remote management, control systems to address real customer needs for future autonomous home

New HomeWhiz Smart Home Mobile App  

  • led cross-functional teams and coordinated customer and market requirements to lead full new experience and user interface UI/UX design with Android and IOS apps, cloud microservices to support full range of connected products

Voice skilled Connected Products (Amazon Alexa & Google Home) 

  • led the project for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant skilled voice control MDA6 (White Good) and AC products like Fridge, Oven, Air Conditioner, Washer and Diswashers
    run for customer requirements, led cross-functional development team, and also Amazon & Google certification process

Remote Analytics for Connected Appliances 

  • led the project for ‘Error and Diagnostics Data Integration’ with Customer Support Services tools
    integration with IT systems and Cloud MicroServices

Secure Product Life-Cycle Mgmt 

  • led cross functional team on implementation for Secure Product and Production Process along the company wide development & production and total quality
    integrated with full production processes, Quality, IT and Customer Support Services tools with each other to manage full product and data lifecycle

Over-The-Air (OTA) Update Service for Connected Products

  • full life-cycle management for connected products from embedded device software and Cloud MicroServices implementation, configuration mgmt, backend services and webUI for OTA management for field products

Replenishment Service for Washer and Dishwashers (Amazon DRS) 

  • led the new business model for recurring revenue sources with the project for Amazon DRS Dash Replenishment Service implementation with Arcelik branded Washer and Diswasher appliances. Mobile app and Cloud microservices were developed in team.
    run the process implementation and Amazon certification

Connected MDA6 Product Development 

  • Development of WiFi & BLE connectivity Module for Smart White Good Products Led the cross-functional teams for embedded, cloud and mobile development, feature and experience design, mobile and cloud services development for first connected appliances

Projects @ Head of Software Development at B/S/H Home Appliances

Technology and Skills: Embedded Programming with C, C++, PC programming Java.NET (C#) Development (Visual Studio), NI CRIO Component Test-Suite, DOORS, UML, Jenkins CI, Subversion, GIT, Redmine, JIRA, CMMI-L3, Agile-SCRUM, V-MODEL

Software Engineering Lifecyle Improvement 

  • Implementing Agile and CMMI DEV-III, focused on Software and Product Quality new Software Development Lifecycle in product development for all 13 processes
    led the quality and process development teams over Bosch Germany & Bosch India and B/S/H/ Turkey teams

Variant Management for Fridge Appliances 

  • Variant Manager tool to manage configurations for full range of products for different market and customer requirements
    it’s accepted globally to use in German and Chinese R&D centers

First In-house Software Development and Testing in Turkey R&D   

  • took over full responsibility for in-house development, testing and integration for the product software in TMEA-CIS Region R&D, full control-unit electronics card development and integration with display and other control units in product

Testing & Simulation Tools Implementation and Launch 

  • Established and run first test automation system at BSH Turkey R&D
    Hardware In The Loop (HIL) and Software In The Loop (SIL) test were implemented in order to run for early testing along product development
    Contious Integration (CI/CD) tools with SVN and Jenkins
    NI-CRIO and Python based tools for manual and automated tests

Projects @ Software Design Group Lead at Beko Global

Technology and Skills: Linux, C, C++, Java with Boost and STL Libraries, networking, bash scripting, Web technologies, PHP, JS, CSS, XML, REST, JSON, Server-Client architecture, Mobile App Development Android and IOS (Native and Hybrid), Jenkins CI, Subversion, GIT, Redmine, JIRA, CMMI-L3, Agile-SCRUM

Smart Android TV development 

  • Smart TV UI and Apps development on pure Android environment

Software Stack Development for Smart TVs 

  • led the Software team whose developing Smart TV stack for DVB, Native TV Apps and Smart Apps
    architecture design, solution module implementation and integration to run main control board

Integrated Voice Control for Smart TVs 

  • Lead developer for Voice Recognition feature for Smart TV Sets which supports 8 languages and 40+ commands for different dialects
    developed Remote Control and Voice Skills implementation in TV product

CI/CD DevOps System Development for Software Team 

  • developed in in team for Continuous Integration and Development Tools and deployment for Software team,  based in SVN and Linux based software releases

Embedded Apps development for Smart TVs 

  • Embedded TV Apps development like Full User Interface, HBB TV, Personal Video Player & Recorder, Smart Apps and implementation for full range of Smart TVs

Android Moble App Development 

  • Remote control and Content mobile app for Smart TVs. 
    I was the first App developer of Android Applications published in Google Play on behalf of Arçelik AŞ
    “Grundig TV Remote”, “Beko TV Remote”, “Arçelik Akıllı Kumanda” apps developed with Java and Android Studio



Here are the full list of technologies which used

– Linux/UNIX/Windows Systems and Office Programs (including MS Project)
– C, C++, Java Programming languages, Boost and STL Libraries
– Web technologies, PHP, JS, CSS, XML, REST, JSON, Server-Client architecture
– Linux programming, networking, bash scripting
– NET (C#) Development
– Mobile App Development Android and IOS (Native and Hybrid)
– Configuration/Change management with Subversion (SVN), GIT, Atlassian, JIRA, Redmine
– Requirements mgmt with DOORS, UML, Jenkins for Continous Integration (CI)
– Embedded uC families: 8051, ARM, MIPS, Renesas, ESP, Atmel and ST architectures
– Arduino, RaspberryPi, STM32 dev-board for prototyping


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