Year 2020 was challenging, teached us hard with experiences.. full of learning, no question at all!
Our business/life transformed fast and changed Digitally and Remotely by the impact of pandemic Covid19.
Change would be crucial always, the reality itself! we know it’s a VUCA world! Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambigous..
I saw many examples failing when omitting those following. Hence I strongly recommend to track those.

Here are my learnings from the year 2020:
* speed matters, just experiment.
* encourage people with purpose, believe and empower them.
* breath in digital for better networking and be transparent all the time.

I have an illustration here which shows very fine and it impressed me so much! That is important for the future, because it’s just making us ‘better’ when adapted. I don’t want to think even other way around, you can’t miss it..
I wish happiness and success for my all connections in new year 2021 and being ‘better you’ 👍🏻

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