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Özet: Televizyon deneyimine yeni bir yaklaşım..Yeni medya dünyasında bu yeni yaklaşımla neler yapılabileceğinin güzel özeti.

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GOAB. A TV Experience Concept from Syzygy on Vimeo.

Proje hakkında daha fazla bilgi icin Syzygy LabQucik Read: The new approach to TV experience. Good summary to be able to do wtih your TV concept in new Media World.

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GOAB. A TV Experience Concept from Syzygy on Vimeo.

For a long time, watching television was a straightforward event. The couch in the living room was facing the TV and a certain number of channels played certain shows at a designated time. When someone said, “I’m going to watch TV,” it was clear what that meant.

Today, it’s not that simple. Watching TV can mean a lot of things: TV via Internet, web content via TV, video on demand, IPTV, cable, satellite, DVB-T, mobile television, etc. Let’s not forget that with broadband internet connections and the integration of Wi-Fi chips into television sets, the technical framework has changed fundamentally.

With GOAB we take the latest trends, bring the loose ends together, develop established ideas further and develop new concepts to provide a possible answer to the question: How do we want to watch television in the future?

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