In my job I have been spending my time with

– Developing Embedded GUI and TV Applications with C / C++ / Java and QT languages
– DirectFB and wxWidgets development
– Creating system and software requirement, architecture and design, implement on reference boards, debug and test the system
– Developing Android apps for phone and tablet products cooperated with TV & STB over network (Coder of Grundig TV Remote on Play)
– Designing Software Systems on Multi-Application Framework with IPC for different Connected TV&STB projects
– Developed specific applications on 3D TV, Network-based, Media Player and PVR featured TV&STB products with the platforms of ST, MIPS and 8051 architectures
– Developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Service-Applications for TV&STB products accompanied with SONY and SAMSUNG projects
– HDMI CEC 1.4 data communication implementation (EasyLink) on Grundig branded IDTV products, UML diagrams are used in software design process
– Java programming for “Android TV Remote” app (Grundig/Arçelik/Beko TV sets: Android App)
– post about our Internet TV in 2011:

I had several projects while graduate student;

* ‘Cooperative Multi-Agent Robots’ project that can communicate eachother (Master-Slave) over Wireless (RF) network and also can be directed with voice messages

* Applications with 8051 Microcontroller family, Embedded system software and hardware system design

* Digital Communication studies and Error Correction Code (ECC), Viterbi algorithm,

* (JPEG, BMP) image processing algorithms with C/C++ programming languages, by using Huffman Decoding method

All of them were awesome:)


Graduate Student Project codes

Here I would like to share some of my projects. In condition of giving as reference, you can use them in your own projects.

.. Development of an MP3 Player Complete with and LCD Display and SD/MMC Memory Card –>

.. FAT 16/32 File System Read/Write Routines –>

.. Using Nokia Color LCD (128×128) as graphical user interface instead monochrome LCDs –>