In my job I have been spending my time with many projects, they’re all awesome and teaching many. Here are the list of some of them:

Projects while Senior Program Lead at Arçelik Global

– Managed projects over MDA9, HVAC and Smart Home devices in HomeWhiz Smart Home Solutions
– Managed Projects over Production, After-sales and IT integration with IoT Cloud services
– Lead Project on Replenisment services for white good appliances (DW, WM, REF)
– Lead Smart Home devices for HVAC and Security solutions
– Lead Program and Portfolio across company

Technology and Skills: AWS Cloud Services, Android/IOS Mobile, Office Programs (including MS Project), C, C++, PC programming Java.NET (C#) Development (Visual Studio), Jenkins CI, Subversion, GIT

Projects while Head of Software Development at B/S/H Home Appliances

– Developed with team a Global Product Tool called Variant Manager (in-house designed)
Established and run first test automation system at BSH Turkey R&D
Setup necessary infrastructure and development environment
Managing team that cooperating with German and Chinese R&D Centers in case of multi-site development

Technology and Skills: Embedded Programming with C, C++, PC programming Java.NET (C#) Development (Visual Studio), NI CRIO Component Test-Suite, DOORS, UML, Jenkins CI, Subversion, GIT, Redmine, JIRA, CMMI-L3, Agile-SCRUM, V-MODEL

Projects while Software Design Group Lead at Arçelik Electronics Business Unit

First Android Mobile App in Arçelik A.Ş (company-wide) which cooperating with TV&STB products and created a new innovative business model in 2011. Lead application lifecycle of Android and IOS apps, downloaded more than 250.000+ in months by users via App-Stores
– Developed first Voice Recognition and Motion activated TVs, appreciated so much from customers as innovative product
– Developed first WebUI with web technologies (HTML5, Javascript and CSS3) on TV&STB products
First accepted SANTEZ project in Arçelik A.Ş. with Koç University (Dynamic web-ui re-creation for TV-like specific screen sizes)
– Finalized European FP7 Project (VICON) in Good level with abroad universities and companies
– Developed first Software for HDMI-CEC and Multimedia Player featured TVs projects
Awarded in team as “Creative Innovators”, project ” Wide-range USB Multimedia Player Design for TVs”
– Developing Embedded GUI and TV Applications with C / C++ / Java and QT languages, DirectFB and wxWidgets development
– System and software requirement, architecture and design, implement on reference boards, debug and test the system
– Software Systems on Multi-Application Framework with IPC for different Connected TV&STB projects
– Developed specific applications on 3D TV, Network-based, Media Player and PVR featured TV&STB products with the platforms of ST, MIPS and 8051 architectures
– Developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Service-Applications for TV&STB products accompanied with SONY and SAMSUNG projects
– HDMI CEC 1.4 data communication implementation (EasyLink) on Grundig branded IDTV products, UML diagrams are used in software design process

Technology and Skills: Linux, C, C++, Java with Boost and STL Libraries, networking, bash scripting, Web technologies, PHP, JS, CSS, XML, REST, JSON, Server-Client architecture, Mobile App Development Android and IOS (Native and Hybrid), Jenkins CI, Subversion, GIT, Redmine, JIRA, CMMI-L3, Agile-SCRUM

Projects while Software Test and Verification Engineer at Nortel Netaş Telecommunication 

– Manual & Automation tests SS7, Signaling, ISUP, CS2K technologies

Technology and Skills: Linux, C, C++, networking, bash scripting, Server-Client architecture, Subversion (SVN)

Here are the full list of technologies which used

– Linux/UNIX/Windows Systems and Office Programs (including MS Project)
– C, C++, Java Programming languages, Boost and STL Libraries
– Web technologies, PHP, JS, CSS, XML, REST, JSON, Server-Client architecture
– Linux programming, networking, bash scripting
– NET (C#) Development
– Mobile App Development Android and IOS (Native and Hybrid)
– Configuration/Change management with Subversion (SVN), GIT, Atlassian, JIRA, Redmine
– Requirements mgmt with DOORS, UML, Jenkins for Continous Integration (CI)
– Embedded uC families: 8051, ARM, MIPS, Renesas, ESP, Atmel and ST architectures
– Arduino, RaspberryPi, STM32 dev-board for prototyping

I had several projects while graduate student;

* ‘Cooperative Multi-Agent Robots’ project that can communicate eachother (Master-Slave) over Wireless (RF) network and also can be directed with voice messages
* Applications with 8051 Microcontroller family, Embedded system software and hardware system design
* Digital Communication studies and Error Correction Code (ECC), Viterbi algorithm,
* (JPEG, BMP) image processing algorithms with C/C++ programming languages, by using Huffman Decoding method

All of them were awesome! :)


Under graduate Student Project codes

Here I would like to share some of my undergraduate projects. In condition of giving as reference, you can use them in your own projects.

.. Development of an MP3 Player Complete with and LCD Display and SD/MMC Memory Card –>

.. FAT 16/32 File System Read/Write Routines –>

.. Using Nokia Color LCD (128×128) as graphical user interface instead monochrome LCDs –>