Become a better leader

Being likeable will help you in your job, business, relationships, and life. I interviewed dozens of successful business leaders for my last book, to determine what made them so likeable and their companies so successful. All of the concepts are simple, and yet, perhaps in the name of revenues or the bottom line, we often lose sight of the simple things - things that not only make us human, but can...
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Linux’te GCC ile Paylaşılan kütüphaneler yaratmaShared libraries with GCC on Linux

Libraries are an indispensable tool for any programmer. They are pre-existing code that is compiled and ready for you to use. They often provide generic functionality, like linked lists or binary trees that can hold any data, or specific functionality like an interface to a database server such as MySQL. Most larger software projects will contain several components, some of which you may find use for later on in some other project, or that you just want...
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Ubuntu Mobil cihaza geliyorUbuntu for Mobile

Here comes the Ubuntu Mobile.  ! you just read "Ubuntu Mobile" not Ubuntu laptop. After seeing iOS, Android, Windows Mobile OS you might have feel that a mobile device is different from a computer. Keeping this in mind the Ubuntu team has done a great job. Look at the smooth and fluid navigation of Ubuntu mobile. I am just loving it. Youtube Video: After seeing this video I have...
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Android is against to Touch Responsiveness with Project Butter

Google’s Project Butter addresses speed to make the user experience “buttery smooth” in three distinct areas. Project Butter applies to the entire OS, not just the launcher, so this smoothness should be immediately available in every app running on Jelly Bean. Vsync Vsync improves graphical performance and increases the frame rate to 60fps! To ensure a consistent frame rate across the entire experience, Android 4.1 extends vsync timing across all drawing and animation that the...

Tasarım DesenleriDesign Patterns

 Temmuz 2012" yarışmasında "En iyi C# Makalesi" ödüllü  Temmuz 2012 yarışmasında "En iyi Makale" ödüllü CodeProject'ten gerçekten iyi bir yazı dizisi.. Basit ve faydalı. Bir göz atın..  Prize winner in Competition "Best C# article of July 2012"  Prize winner in Competition "Best overall article of July 2012 Article from CodeProject really good samples. Simple and Useful.. have a look..
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AltıncıHis teknolojisinin heyecan verici potansiyeliThe thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

İşte Gerçek çok yakın, dokunmatik falan değil; interaktivitenin kendisi.. daha doğrusu sınırların olmadığı bir teknoloji.. Geliştirilebilir ve sürdürülebilir. Çok başarılı.. Pranav Mistry, TEDHindistan'da fiziksel dünya ile veri dünyasının etkileşimine yardımcı olacak çeşitli araçları gösteriyor - kendisinin AltıncıHis cihazı ve yeni, devrimsel kağıt "dizüstü" de buna dahil. Sahnedeki soru-cevap kısmında ise Mistry tüm imkanlara yol vermek için AltıncıHis'in yazılımını açık kaynak olarak sunacağını söylüyor. is so close to us now,...
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Free fall from space to space Free fall from space to space
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