Here is my short introduction about my profession then click here. I would like to summarize my professional background with my experiences.

I am experienced in different areas in Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics and White Goods companies. I developed wide range of different projects during my whole career like Application Software and Driver development, Mobile Apps, Embedded System design and development, Smart Home technologies and many others while making fun of using different technologies and programming languages and engineering tools as well.

Currently I have been working as IoT Program Manager in Arçelik R&D and managing regional and global IoT projects development in Arçelik Group. Previously I have taken many roles in my career as software design and test dept. management, leadership, software design and development engineer in early years, later as technical expert and leader in small groups, and project leader for some multi-disciplinary teams. I used several traditional and evolutionary development lifecycle methodologies, now it’s easy to judge them in case and decide to use any of them.

I am strong at technical know-how based on Research & Development, Software Engineering, Web and Cloud Technologies, Development and Testing, Embedded Systems, Tools and Techniques, Design Patterns and Architectures. Besides I should add some soft skills like Team setup and building, Project Management, Management and Leadership, Intercultural awareness, Discussing and Convincing into my managerial skills. In addition, I was several times awarded as “Creative Innovator” in my career and I have 5 patent filings.

I am plan-oriented and well-disciplined on tasks, easy-to-communicate, flexible and go-getter person. I am fan of team-work and believing in getting and delivering results by the help of team synergy is always easier. I love sharing info and coaching newbees and experts, discussing things to move something forward, always thinking about out-side-of-box, eager to innovate and leading change.

I am aiming to compete myself with my technical and managerial skills and try to attach my department and company’s goal at my best in short term. In long term career planning, I am working to be a world-wide leader who is known very well, to help company and other people to improve their existing status with my best-practices and learnings. I am also visiting some conferences and universities to share my knowledge on Software, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Living.

I like travelling, seeing new places, do oil painting and charcoal. I would try once more, I was the first ranked in a competition at my hometown while I was in high school. I had even have of my pictures in some exhibition (: Nowadays I spend my time most by taking pictures with my Nikon. Take a look my Intagram account Instagram.

I love life as a whole, deep breathing, always positive attitude. I have got everything, self confidence to jump into anything at any time, smart brain taking my way all day, my parents who are behind of mine everytime, my wife who really loves me and my little daughter and son :) thanks god, I am really happy..

I would be really happy if we meet and talk to each other face-to-face about any opportunity we can work/cooperate together. If you’re interested, please Contact to me.

Ayhan AK

Here is my profile pages: LinkedIn